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What We Do

GB3 is a technology solutions business that builds unique IT solutions to fit your requirements. We deliver almost all aspects of IT, with customers ranging from small to medium businesses right through to large enterprises. We are well placed to meet your challenges; our customers come from every kind of sector and we love nothing more than a new challenge.

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Do you have a clearly defined goal for your technology? A timeline to deliver it? An assessment of the resources you have and those that you will need to deliver the plan?

If the answer to one of those questions is no then our IT Strategy services can make a big difference in your organisation. We start by asking you about your organisation & wider goals, we then assess your current technology deployment and then we move on to design an IT Strategy, tailored for you.

Our IT Strategy output is written in a way that non-IT people can understand it; it provides clear goals, a realistic set of timescales and a presentation of which resources you’ll need and when. We are happy to work with your priorities; for example we can create capex friendly plans, phased approaches to spread spending, cost saving ideas and just about any other challenge you have.

Get in touch to find out how we can help develop your IT Strategy.

ISO 27001 Information Security Consultancy

Having a standard for information security is no longer an optional extra or something that helps win new work. Every business and organisation needs a set level of information security.

At GB3 we have been asked many times to deliver perhaps the most popular standard, ISO 27001. Our approach to implementation has seen all of our customers achieve the standard and maintain it.

We ensure that our consultants have been trained and passed stringent courses to be able to offer consultancy advice. More so we hold the standard in GB3 and so our advice is based on a wide base of experience.

We have learnt how to make the process work well for a business and help it achieve its goals. There is a commitment involved in achieving and maintaining the certification but we have seen a benefit in every customer we work with. Contact us today to understand the benefits ISO 27001 could have for you.

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interim & OUTSOURCED it management SUPPORT

Are you looking for some IT Management support; possibly for a short term stop gap or to enhance skills during a refresh phase? The GB3 team are well placed to help deliver this for you.

All of our interim management team have come from IT Management roles and have a solid track record for delivering this level of work. Our recent projects have seen us:

  • Help with recruitment for a new Head of IT and cover the gap during the recruitment phase

  • Assisted IT Directors implement change programmes after an IT Review by GB3

  • Covered long term sick leave

  • Provided interim management during mergers & acquisitions

  • Delivered successful coaching to emerging IT Management talent

  • Provided a non-exec style input to strategic IT direction

We can bespoke our services to your demand; so please get in touch today and lets discuss how we could help you.

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software implementation MANAGEMENT

It’s an exciting time choosing and implementing a new piece of software in your organisation. But the pitfalls are well documented. High costs of implementation and failure to deliver requirements are among the top reasons projects fail.

At GB3 we have a dedicated Implementation Team that can help you with many aspects, including:

  • Requirements definition

  • Vendor identification and invitation to tender

  • Product selection processes

  • Contract management

  • Project management

  • Training and implementation

  • System configuration & data transfer

If you’re looking for a new system please contact us to see how we can help.


You are as strong as your weakest point; with over 70% of cyber attacks finding their origin with staff inside an organisation, there is nothing more important than training. A security culture is paramount to reducing the risk of business-impacting cyber attacks.

GB3 offer a highly flexible and content rich training platform and have a proven delivery model for getting you up and running. We can provide a very cost effective solution that gives you:

  • Monthly training courses, with an option to add your own content

  • Advanced reporting on who’s completed courses

  • Simulated phishing attacks, one of the biggest current threats, to find your weak spots

  • Policy distribution and electronic sign up for all staff

  • Security incident logging system

  • GDPR / Data Protection tools to help remain compliant

Contact us today if you’d like a demonstration of our training platform, powered by MetaCompliance.

We can also help secure your systems which is just as important as training your team.

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With so much air time having been given to GDPR in 2018 it’s now taking a back seat in our social media & news feeds. However no-one can afford to be complacent when it comes to data protection. Information is critical and businesses are now charged with safekeeping of data given to us by customers, staff and the general public.

Our outsourced data protection officer services make having an expert on hand an affordable security. Faced with a greater cost of training an in-house resource or engaging with us to access our expert services, we think our offering makes perfect sense when you don’t have the need for a full time DPO.

The service is made up of a healthy balance of on-site proactive work and availability to access our DPO team for advice when you have an enquiry, risk or issue. We’d love to discuss your requirements and build in a service that suits you and your organisation.

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infRastructure replacement PROJECTS

Technology is made up of three key elements; people, process and systems. We understand how to deliver projects that incorporate all three vital elements. This is where we stand out from the crowd.

Lot’s of organisations peddle the latest technology as a one size fits all and leave you to work out the processes with your people; we think that’s a recipe for disaster. Here are some of the types of projects we have delivered recently:

  • Server replacement projects

  • Cloud migrations

  • New networks

  • Data Centre migrations

  • Backup solution refresh

When we deliver projects our aim is to become one of your team, to understand how you work and ensure that the infrastructure we deliver makes a positive impact. We can replace old systems, supplement your existing technology and introduce the latest innovation.

What’s important is that, when your systems are changed, the processes you rely on are considered and the people are kept informed and retrained. We have a proven approach to delivery.

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Backup REPAIR & management

There is not much that is more important than having a solid backup solution in place.

With the increased risk of cyber attack, the overwhelming security policy is having a regular, tested and trusted backup solution. At GB3 we treat all backup failures as a priority issue to fix. We have also recovered organisations that have lost thousands of files through robust backup procedures.

The information held in your systems is critical to your success. At GB3 we offer a number of different backup solutions that suit organisations from small to large.

This is an area that you should not compromise and we would love to help you review the effectiveness of your backup solution.

cloud migration PROJECTS

GB3 is often asked ‘Should we move to the cloud?’ our answer is almost always ‘It depends!’.

Cloud services are in essence your system / servers somewhere else. Cloud migration can make sense when you’re looking to:

  • Increase resilience of your systems

  • Avoid having repeat costs and outages because of an in-house data centre

  • Find a vendor to keep a system secure and not worry about network security etc.

  • Remove expensive capex cycles, however cloud can introduce more operating costs

  • Get use of a vendors latest features, only available in cloud versions

We are happy to meet with you and discuss how your systems could migrate to the cloud and which cloud services are best for you.

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workspace computing UPGRADES

GB3 is committed to helping its customers work on their systems from any device, in any location. The IT industry has a new range of systems under the banner of ‘workspace’.

We are helping our customers to:

  • Reduce the cost of computer management

  • Eliminate the need for expensive end user devices

  • Allow access to systems from any device, including mobile devices

  • Enhancing security of systems access and allowing ‘own device’ usage

  • Enabling lower cost IT support through centralised systems

Find out how we could help your organisation and to get a demonstration of the latest technology please contact GB3 today.

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bespoke SOFTWARE development

Not every system available online does exactly what you need it to; sometimes a bespoke software application will help your organisation to excel. We specialise in capturing your end goals and then creating apps that do exactly what you need them to; we understand that sometimes only your processes will work and adopting something off the shelf will slow you down.

Our development team have been creating all sorts of applications to enable that unique fit for our customers; we build fast because we know that you can’t hang around for months on end waiting for an output. We call this ‘delivering in sprints’ or short bursts of activity with an outcome you can touch and feel; armed with your constant and real time feedback we ensure that what we build is what you need. High on our agenda is quality; just about anyone can throw together some cheap off the shelf solutions to make an application but the chances are they won’t be scalable, secure or sustain you through more than a few months. We build with quality tool sets and test continuously.

Our development team are ready to create a bespoke software system for your organisation, contact us if you’d like to find out how we can add value to your systems.


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Our support team is a constant presence ready to react when you need help with your technology; keeping the lights on through planned maintenance, monitoring and rapid response times. We value your time.

We deliver on your worst, and best, days. We have several ways of working with organisations; we can back up your existing team through to becoming your entire IT support team.

Our support is way more than a reactive service, we work hard to avoid you having issues and deploy a number of solutions to make this happen. The team are fully engaged in keeping their skills up to date to achieve this and the fastest possible fix times when things break.

We encourage you to let all of your team ring us for support; we think this saves you time filtering through everything and helps us get to know your people and become one of your team.