When we might have to disclose your personal data to third parties.

During the course of providing the services that you request from us, we may share your information with our processing partners, known as recipients, data processors and sub-processors.
When disclosing personal data to third parties, we will (where appropriate and permissible) enter into contracts with these third parties to protect your personal data in a manner that is consistent with all applicable laws and/or ensure that they only process your personal data in accordance with our instructions.
We commonly conduct due diligence with third party recipients around the areas of their data security protocols and data protection policies.

Recipients of your personal data
We may disclose your personal data for the purposes described in this Policy or as required or permitted by law, for example, to:

  • our third-party vendors and service providers, who are engaged to provide business, support, operational and/or administrative functions such as HR support, auditing, legal, marketing, website maintenance, payment, fulfilment and delivery of orders.
  • regulatory authorities, statutory bodies or public agencies, including to support their investigations.
  • credit reference agencies, debt collection and tracing agencies, financial organisations.

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