Solutions built for you

GB3 is a technology solutions business that builds unique IT solutions to fit your requirements. We deliver almost all aspects of IT, with customers ranging from small to medium businesses right through to large enterprises. We are well placed to meet your challenges; our customers come from every kind of sector and we love nothing more than a new challenge.


Backup Solutions

Having a solid backup solution in place is one of the most critical aspects of your IT setup. With the increased risk of a cyber attack, the overwhelming security policy is having a regular, tested and trusted backup solution.

At GB3 we treat all backup failures as a priority issue to fix. We have also recovered organisations that have lost thousands of files through robust backup procedures.

The information held in your systems is critical to your success. At GB3 we offer a number of different backup solutions that suit organisations from small to large.

This is an area that you should not compromise and we would love to help you review the effectiveness of your backup solution.


Cloud Computing

GB3 is often asked ‘Should we move to the cloud?’ our answer is almost always ‘It depends!’.


Cloud services are in essence your system / servers somewhere else. Cloud migration can make sense when you’re looking to:


Increase the resilience of your systems

Facilitate work from home scenarios

Avoid having repeat costs and outages because of an in-house data centre

Find a vendor to keep a system secure and not worry about network security etc.

Remove expensive Capex cycles, however, cloud can introduce more operating costs

Get use of a vendor's latest features, only available in cloud versions


We are happy to meet with you and discuss how your systems could migrate to the cloud and which cloud services are best for you.


Workspace Solutions

GB3 is committed to helping its customers work on their systems from any device, in any location.


The IT industry has a new range of systems under the banner of ‘workspace’.


We are helping our customers to:

Reduce the cost of computer management

Eliminate the need for expensive end-user devices

Allow access to systems from any device, including mobile devices

Enhancing security of systems access and allowing ‘own device’ usage

Enabling lower-cost IT support through centralised systems



Find out how we could help your organisation and to get a demonstration of the latest technology please contact GB3 today.


Infrastructure Projects

Technology is made up of three key elements; people, process and systems. We understand how to deliver projects that incorporate all three vital elements. This is where we stand out from the crowd. 

Lot’s of organisations peddle the latest technology as a one size fits all and leave you to work out the processes with your people; we think that’s a recipe for disaster.

We work with your people to find the best fitting technology to deliver your processes in the most efficient way.



Here are some of the types of projects we have delivered recently:  


Cloud migrations


Server replacement projects


New networks


Data Centre migrations


Backup solution refresh


When we deliver projects our aim is to become one of your team, to understand how you work and ensure that the infrastructure we deliver makes a positive impact.

We can replace old systems, supplement your existing technology and introduce the latest innovation.

What’s important is that, when your systems are changed, the processes you rely on are considered and the people are kept informed and retrained. We have a proven approach to delivery.