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With so much air time having been given to GDPR in 2018 it’s now taking a back seat in our social media & news feeds. However, no-one can afford to be complacent when it comes to data protection.


Data Protection Officer

Information is critical and businesses are now charged with the safekeeping of data given to us by customers, staff, and the general public.


Our outsourced data protection officer services make having an expert on hand an affordable security. Faced with a greater cost of training an in-house resource or engaging with us to access our expert services, we think our offering makes perfect sense when you don’t have the need for a full-time DPO.


The service is made up of a healthy balance of on-site proactive work and availability to access our DPO team for advice when you have an enquiry, risk or issue. We’d love to discuss your requirements and build in a service that suits you and your organisation.


40 Point IT Security Audit

Whether you are looking to understand the IT health of a potential investment or wanting assurance of the cyber risks in your current IT infrastructure GB3’s 40-point Audit will give you the confidence to make informed decisions.


Your IT environment is reviewed in 4 Key Areas:


Infrastructure - Investigates provision of services and products in the Head Office

Networking - The systems for data transit around the company


User Computing - Looks into the systems used by staff at example customer


Governance - The control mechanisms for operational running and use of IT.


Classifying areas as Risks, Issues, Working or Strengths we create your unique Target Map to visually represent the health of your technology.


We make brief recommendations alongside each observation and can offer more detailed planning and implementation services to mitigate any actual, or potential, negative impact.


ISO 27001 Consultancy

Having a standard for information security is no longer an optional extra or something that helps win new work. Every business and organisation needs a set level of information security.


At GB3 we have been asked many times to deliver perhaps the most popular standard, ISO 27001. Our approach to implementation has seen all of our customers achieve the standard and maintain it.


We ensure that our consultants have been trained and passed stringent courses to be able to offer consultancy advice. More so we hold the standard in GB3 and so our advice is based on a wide base of experience.


We have learned how to make the process work well for a business and help it achieve its goals. There is a commitment involved in achieving and maintaining the certification but we have seen a benefit in every customer we work with.


Contact us today to understand the benefits ISO 27001 could have for you.


Cyber Security & Compliance Platform

You are as strong as your weakest point; with over 70% of cyber attacks finding their origin with staff inside an organisation, there is nothing more important than training.

A security culture is paramount to reducing the risk of business-impacting cyber attacks. GB3 offer a highly flexible and content rich training platform and have a proven delivery model for getting you up and running.



We can provide a very cost effective solution that gives you:


Monthly training courses, with an option to add your own content


Advanced reporting on who’s completed courses


Simulated phishing attacks, one of the biggest current threats, to find your weak spots


Policy distribution and electronic sign up for all staff


Security incident logging system


GDPR / Data Protection tools to help remain compliant


Contact us today if you’d like a demonstration of our training platform, powered by MetaCompliance. We can also help secure your systems which is just as important as training your team.