When is bbc.co.uk not bbc.co.uk?

Updated: Jan 12

Not all links are genuine. By 'hyperlinking' text you can make the link say anything. For example, where does this link – www.bbc.co.uk – go? To the BBC, right? However, hover your mouse over it and read what the tooltip says (Some browsers may not have this functionality), bbc.co.uk, right? However, whilst hovering over the link look in the bottom left hand corner of the screen to see where you really go if you click that link. (itv.co.uk)

Similarly, where do you think www.gb.3.co.uk goes? Well, it's not to gb3.

For web addresses, it's what's before the .com or .co.uk that counts – so this would go to 3.co.uk. However, this particular URL does not exist.

It's worth looking out for this in web addresses, as it's so easy not to notice extra characters in the web address. Always look where you're clicking.

Note - If you have navigated to 3.co.uk, it will take you to a mobile phone provider. (Did you notice it changed the '3' to 'Three').

​​​​​​​Two Simple Rules To Follow

Rule 1: Ignore what the link says By simply ‘hyperlinking’ text you can make the link say anything. This can be done legitimately… Who Are GB3​​​​​​​ Yet it can also be used to deliberately confuse, try this… http://www.bbc.co.uk The above link looks like it goes to bbc.co.uk, however if you hover over the hyperlink you get a tool tip. In this case the tool tip states www.gb3.co.uk. BUT this can also be changed as stated above. The only place you can see the true destination is in the bottom left hand corner of the screen when you hover over the hyperlink. To spot what the link usually is, move your curser over the link and you’ll see the real destination appear (either in a little box or in the bottom left of your screen. Rule 2: It’s the end bit of the URL that counts, not the beginning The URL is a site’s web address, it’s the bit in the browser bar when you click to a site (or as explained above what you see when you hover your mouse over it). To work out which site you are actually being sent to, what you need is the bit just BEFORE the .com or .co.uk or .tv etc. So in the link : https://www.gb3.co.uk it’s the gb3.co.uk which lists the website name, but it’s not always that obvious. Now look at this link, a common bank scam type: www.barclays.onlinesignup.com While it’s easy to think it’s a Barclays link, it isn’t, it’s a link to a site called “onlinesignup.com” – DOTs are used as separators and anything before the last DOT before the .com is irrelevant.


Source: MetaCompliance

Solution: Speak to GB3s Security Team

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