Essential Information:

Company: Farthest Gate, London UK
Industry: Software development company
Engagement: Development of management systems strategy
Working Together: Since November 2012
Activity: Development of industry leading software for high volume transactional environments like parking permits and on street parking control.

Farthestgate approached GB3 to help them define a management systems strategy. Having grown rapidly over a few years the company needed a more structured way to control customer demand, supply the staff to meet that need and assess the progress being made.

GB3 conducted an initial analysis of the management controls and identified a number of cloud (or internet) based productivity tools that could help achieve the required control and visibility of the work stack. Over the next few months our consultant worked one day a week to help the existing management team embrace those tools. The tools covered the following disciplines:

* Development requirements
* Support tickets
* Internal staff HR management
* Communications with outsourced teams and customers

During the period of engagement the key objective was to embed the knowledge within the existing team so that they could continue without the need for ongoing consultancy. This objective was achieved in less time than was originally anticipated and the project was signed off early.

GB3 Impact
1. Created a roadmap for & delivered new and effective online (or cloud) based management tools; giving the executive team accurate visibility of the demand from customers with development and support.
2. Embedded GB3 knowledge into the existing team; removing the ongoing need for consultancy time.
3. Highlighted systems that added value to the product portfolio; giving the company an opportunity to increase their sales and find a return on the investment with GB3.

Time Spent
GB3 deployed for one day per week over a period of six months

Let's talk strategy back to our work
farthest_gate "GB3 offered us a level of experience we needed to fastback our existing team to point of having full control over the work stack in Farthestgate. The strategic plans were developed quickly and implemented with good effect. Our team continues to use the cloud systems put in place; this gives us the control we needed and enhances the ability to offer great products and services to our customers."

Peter Spanos, Chief Executive Officer.