• Moving Business Risks to Value-Add services.


Essential Information:

Company: Cidari Multi Academy Trust
Industry: Education
Engagement: A GB3 support customer who engaged with us in a strategic review of Cidari academies.
Working Together: Since November 2015
Customer Activity: Providing Education to Academies through Christian Values and Principles.

Cidari approached GB3 to assist in a strategic review of all academies that are looked after by the trust. As the organisation has expanded and brought on new academies, no central review has ever taken place to compare IT services and provision in all academies.

GB3 carried out an IT audit of all 8 Cidari academies, with a variety of different research areas being studied from one to one sessions with staff, to a workshop with all academy heads, to having GB3 Technical Consultants onsite carrying out assesments made up of a number of different criteria including:

· Infrastructure
· IT Devices
· Applications
· Security
· ESafety
· Policies

GB3 Impact
1. Presented a management level health check report:
• This showed feedback for each academy based upon their current level of IT provision. Each academy was given scores in each criteria area and these scores showed where each academy had areas for improvement right through to showing where IT was adding a value add service to the academy. Academies could then be compared against each other to show key risks and also where investment was required.

1. Creation of a detailed technical audit document:
• This sits alongside the presented health check report to allow Cidari to understand the audit feedback in greater detail and to act on issues that have been captured.

1. Recommendations for Improvement:
* We presented IT recommendations based upon the Audit, showing key areas which GB3 had identified as requiring improvement.

One key recommendation from the Audit was the risk of hardware failure at one academy where due to age of the kit was in immediate need of replacement. This was acted on immediately by Cidari and GB3, with an Infrastructure Refresh taking place to upgrade the failing hardware. This mitigated a number of risks within the academy turning a significant issue into a value-add service for Cidari.

Time Spent
GB3 utilised 11 days in total to carry out the Audit, create required reports and present feedback to Cidari.

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