• CRM for the UK's Armed Forces


Essential Information:

Company: Supplier to the MoD
Industry: Infrastructure services.
Engagement: Training management, design & delivery for a bespoke CRM system
Working Together: Since October 2014
Customer Activity: Infrastructure services for the Armed Forces.

The customer had requirements for a team consisting of Training and Business Analysis experience to form part of a CRM project team. Our client was deploying CRM as part of supporting the MOD Infrastructure.

GB3 provided a full Training Team, working collaboratively with a spectrum of project teams, including Business Analysis, Development and Testing. Our team had the responsibility of providing functional training for our customer’s back office and operational staff, preparation of training data sets and a library of modular Training Guides.

During the engagement period, multiple training programmes were delivered across the organisation, with continual development in line with multiple releases of the CRM system.

GB3 Impact
1. Used one resource to fill multiple roles during the project delivery, ensuring savings and stronger delivery through flexibility of tasks.
2. Created a comprehensive User Guide library; embedding the knowledge within front line staff and removing the need for extended support costs.
3. Trainer+ resources were ramped up & down as required; this avoided the expense of retaining permanent employees or loosing project knowledge / experience.

Time Spent
GB3 deployed a team of between two and four full-time resources for the duration of the project.

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