Cyber Threats are Coming

Well actually they’re already here!

GB3 have partnered with MetaCompliance, providing a Managed Service to SME's to help Protect & Educate staff to the threats of Cyber Attacks.

Using GB3's inhouse expertise and MetaCompliance's outstanding IS Compliance software, we are providing our customers with up to date, in time, engaging training.

The software gives the customer:

New functionality is continually being added, with the latest offering being "Fusion".

Fusion allows companies to publish their own content to the portal, this could be HR, Finance, Operational related content - meaning that the portal can provide a one stop shop for SME's who cant afford / manage an LMS platform.

We’d love to discuss the art of the possible with you and we think you'll be surprised at how affordable the solution can be.

Click the button below to start a converartion with us about this cost effective information security compliance software.

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