Exceeding Expectations In Education


School: Archbishop Temple School
Industry: Secondary Education
Engagement: ICT Management Strategy
Working Together: Since September 2015
Customer Activity: Education

Archbishop Temple an Ofsted rated ‘Outstanding’ school invited GB3 to tender for their IT support and systems strategy. An established school it was struggling with IT reliability and had several issues with connectivity on their network.

GB3 conducted an ICT Health Check and identified improvements around SIMS performance and the performance of the network. Over the next few months a GB3 worked systematically through the findings and the following improvements were achieved:

* Immediate improvement in the SIMS performance
* Avoided significant expenditure & resolved a longstanding network issue
* Consistent network uptime
* Consistently over 90% of calls are resolved within SLA – the contracted target is 85%
* Achieved delivery requirements within budget targets

During the period of engagement, the school could keep tight control of their IT budget enabling them to move forward with a full iPad rollout across the school.

I cannot recommend the work of GB3 too highly. We had a chaotic IT network that was bleeding money and failing to meet the needs of the users in the school. We handed it over to GB3 and haven’t looked back. The staff on site and the back office people have been knowledgeable and have the attitude that “nothing is too much to ask” and are very flexible meeting the demands of the school- they work round us. Because they use their exceptional levels of technical skill and can-do attitude we have spent nothing over the agreed service contract, which was the best value anyway when we went to tender. We took a lot of convincing that an external company would be this good, as like most schools we are used to being self-reliant, but GB3 have exceeded our expectations. The main gain for us is that superb IT and network support just happens, with absolutely no drama, leaving us to focus on teaching our pupils.
— Mrs Gill Jackson, Headteacher Archbishop Temple School, St Vincent's Road, Fulwood

GB3 Impact

1. Improved service delivery by completing an ICT health check.
2. Resolved performance issues that were impacting on teachers and students.
3. Kept staff informed about technology through regular customer service meetings.