A Highway To Success

Company: Amey Highways, UK
Industry: Local highways maintenance
Engagement: Implementation of bespoke job pack delivery system
Working Together: Since March 2015
Customer Activity: Maintenance of highways, lighting & street furniture on behalf of Local Government across the UK.

Dean was very successful at picking up the technical requirements of the role and was able to work with minimal supervision. His natural soft-skills were invaluable in delivering the system to a number of contracts and he became an integral member of the IT delivery team during his time with the company.
— Chris Taylor, Senior Business Analyst.

Amey approached GB3 to assist in the implementation of their own bespoke WM Highways application. Amey undertook a programme to institute a standard operating model across their existing Local Highways contracts, deploying WM Highways as their chosen job pack delivering system. During the programme, the customer was awarded another contract and mobilised this with WM Highways.

GB3 provided project implementation services as part of a project team based in both the UK and India. Over a period of eight months, our resource worked to ensure that the application was configured and supported during pre & post go-live scenarios. We collaborated with the Amey Training Team and provided business analysis support during the delivery of training onsite so that the team were fully resourced and the bespoke WM Highways application could be customised for the requirements of the Contract.

GB3 Impact
1. Training resource deployed to local offices during project delivery, providing onsite support where it was needed.
2. Used one resource in multiple roles during implementation, ensuring savings and stronger delivery through flexibility of tasks.
3. Quickly gained in-depth knowledge of systems; resulting in autonomy of operation within the project delivery team.

Time Spent
GB3 deployed a full-time resource for a period of eight months.

“The work that was done by Dean was a support role in mobilising an IT Work Order Management System to both new and mature contracts, although this I think undersells the impact that the role delivered. It was a key position that linked the contract staff to the company’s IT function.

The requirements of role were as follows:

  • Good understanding of the application that was being implemented, in particular an in-depth knowledge of the bespoke configuration module and the data structure considerations required for the application to operate as designed

  • Good understanding of individual work requests, their benefit to the business and the technical delivery into the application

  • Close involvement with client and contract staff to elicit the data required for the contract configuration

  • Day-to-day involvement with Group IT business analyst, development, project management and training resource