From Preston to Zambia, Africa


GB3 apprentices got fully engaged in turning some old PC’s into teaching & learning assets for an African school recently and the project scooped an award in BT.

The project was summarised by BT as follows.

Old PCs bringing ICT to the curriculum in Zambia

Fletcher Kusaloka works in the Dabs & BT Business Direct (BTBD) purchasing team. Fletch has recently been on a trip home to Zambia during which he donated some de-commissioned PCs from Dabs & BTBD to his old school.

When Fletch was planning his holiday to see his family at home in Zambia, he read in one of the online papers that the Zambian government was introducing ICT into the curriculum from primary schools right through to high schools. Being aware that Dabs & BTBD had just de-commissioned some office PCs, he asked CEO, Helen Slinger, if he could donate them to his old school, who had never had any PCs, to help kick start their ICT learning.

Helen agreed and Fletch couriered five PCs and three monitors to Zambia at his own cost. GB3 Limited of Preston, configured the PCs to be ready for use in the school and Fletch pulled a few favours from old contacts to get them released from Zambian customs when they insisted tax and duty was paid on them.

“So many staff, including local and district officials, turned up, despite it being the school holidays, for the PCs and monitors to be handed over. The local radio stations and national press sent staff too and they covered the story for a few days.”

“Everyone was very touched and I must say I couldn’t hold back a tear or two. The PCs were installed and were working perfectly before we left to return to the UK. Of the 1300 pupils, at least 250 are now guaranteed to have basic ICT skills at the very least.”

“I’m delighted that we were able to support my community – it was really appreciated and my old school can’t thank BT enough for their generosity.” Fletcher Kusolaka, BT Business Direct Purchasing Team. Dabs & BT Business Direct are part of BT Business Solutions.

The project then went on to win a BT Award for Community engagement and it was great to see our apprentices taking part in this – Steph Smith (Our very first Gravity Apprentice – Read her profile here and Rob & Tom who also helped on the project.

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