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Your complete cybersecurity compliance, in one platform.

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Our Cybersecurity and compliance platform is provided as a managed service, used by you and managed by us.

We've partnered with MetaCompliance to provide the SecurityFirst offering. MetaCompliance hosts our Cybersecurity and compliance platform.

So why use GB3 rather than go direct to MetaCompliance? Firstly, you get to share our enterprise-level volume discount and then you get to use our experts to implement and manage the system properly.



1. Over 200 individual bite-sized training content


2. Available in over 30 languages, in high-quality motion graphics

3. Use as standalone or fuse together to create courses

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1. Scam email templates based on real hacking examples


2. Highly visual learning experiences that impact user behaviour


3. Multilingual phishing programs

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1. Communicate policies via email and desktop pop-up

2. Extensive user adoption and regular reporting

3. Combines with eLearning for greater awareness

1. Collects data processing information to create privacy activity database


2. Assess privacy risks in order to deploy internal resources


3. Remediate privacy risk for regulator notification and reporting

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1. Build custom knowledge assessments

2. Embed within surveys, learning and more.

3. Deploy to staff and access submissions

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1. Log cyber, information, privacy incidents.

2. Assess against in-built best practise.

3. Close out when fully mitigated

1. Access in-depth reporting across multiple components


2. Export in PDF or CSV/Excel for more interrogation

3. Schedule automatic reports with ease

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Getting the Board, onboard

We've been doing this for long enough, we know it's not always straightforward.

We've taken the hard work out of writing a business case for your Cybersecurity and compliance platform.

Business Issue

Businesses are increasingly dependent on high quality, up-to-date and complete information, making information a valuable yet vulnerable business asset requiring ever more complex security solutions. While investment in technologies such as antivirus software and firewalls play an important part to protect information, there remains significant risks as a result of the accidental or deliberate actions and inactions of staff.

Deliberate threats to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information are increasing, both non- specific (e.g. ransomware) and targeted (e.g. information theft/industrial espionage, fraud, extortion and targeted Denial of Service attacks).


To establish a widespread, lasting and deep-rooted security culture by informing staff about relevant information risk and.............

Fill out the form below and we'll email you a copy of this ready-made Business Case

How much is it?

We've purposely made our pricing easy to understand so that it takes the hard work out of finding the right Cybersecurity and compliance platform.

Use our price calculator to see first hand what it might cost you. It's pretty easy, every staff member gets their own secure unique login, so just tell us how many staff you have.

If you have more than 500 staff, come and speak to us about tailored pricing.

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