Who are GB3?

GB3 is a technology solutions provider based in the North West of England, UK.

The business was created in 2012, and we have seen fast growth to become a trusted partner for our brilliant customer base throughout the UK and Europe.

We have a team of over 30 talented professionals that work across our organisation. 

In 2019 we became part of the EG Group, a global organisation located across Europe, North America and Australia. 

We understand the needs of SME's and Enterprise organisations alike, after all, we fit into both those categories.

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Graham Billsborough

GB3 Chief Executive / Chief Information Officer of EG Group

As Chief Executive, Graham brings a wealth of large-scale IT strategy, delivery and acquisition experience. Having 20+ years of experience in technology leadership across many sectors, he provides strong strategic leadership when integrating people, processes and systems in a secure way.

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Justine Dowds

Managing Director / Head of Systems

As Managing Director, Justine combines her financial expertise with her significant business acumen, improving operational systems, processes and best practices that guarantee organisational well-being and ensure business growth

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Rachel Rowlandson
Head of Support

As IT Service Operations Manager, Rachel is an award-winning IT Service Desk Manager, with more than 20 years’ experience within an IT support environment and brings expertise in all areas of our IT Support services with a strong team behind her. 

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Mick Ingham
Head of Strategy / Security

Mick specialises in implementing software solutions into businesses. Drawing on his military background and outstanding communication skills, he reduces the challenges that system implementations would normally bring to the customer

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Bex Rowlandson

Head of Morale

Bex is wise beyond her years and instinctively knows when someone requires cheering up. Throw her ball and you have a friend for life.